Thursday, 3 April, 2008

It's all over...?

They had grown further and further apart and she couldn't understand it. Then it finally happened. He told her it was over. And that was it. She kept asking for an explanation but she never got one. She could see he was hurting too but he just wouldn't open up. One day she walked up to him and refused to leave.
"I want answers and I want them right now."
"Trust me, you don't wanna know."
"Just tell me and get it over with."
"It just wasn't you. It was never ever going to be you. You were never the one."
"But you said I was!"
"Because I wanted to believe it, I was desperate to. You're the best woman I've ever known, your values, your kindness, your beauty, I mean you're everything I've ever looked for, when I finally found you, I felt for sure that I'd fall so deeply in love, I kept waiting for it to happen, but... It didn't."
"You never loved me?"
"No I do, I still do. But I've known greater love with women who for other reasons weren't right. Look, I knew that marrying you would be the smart thing to do, I mean, you'd be a good mother, we'd be great companions, the most practical thing I could have ever done would have been to marry you, but part of me would have also died inside because... I have no passion for you. You know I actually used to pray, "God, let me fall in love with her more, please, let me feel it"...... Should I have told you all that? Do you feel better knowing?"

It was too much to take. But she realised that she was going to be fine. Atleast she understood it now. And imagine what would have happened if he hadn't broken it off. She would have been with a man who didn't love her. Now, what could be more awful than that! Right??!!?!