Thursday, 19 July, 2007

To... my immortal


You are missed terribly...

I hope you are happy wherever you are.
I hope you can hear me whenever I talk to you.
I hope you know that I think of you often and pray for you and your family.
I hope you know... that I love you... more than I let you know when I had the chance.

I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye.

Now I know who my guardian angel up there is :-)

You were my first love and I'll always remember you like this

Miss u rohi...

Always will...

I'm gonna take you with me wherever I go coz' I know that's how people go on forever...


Utsav said...

Thats a very well written memorial.

Ajinkya said...

lucky rohit!
ur love for him reaches out through every single letter of that post. ur love gives me hope... (i dont know if i am capable of feeling it or giving it to someone else..ur words bolsters my faith in the existence of this thing called love.)
may the force be with u. and may ur love be ever requited many folds.