Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

Luggage woes...

Okay, major luggage problems people... Hyper-ventilation happening!!!

I started packing today... I have too much stuff... I didn't see this coming!!!

I hate Air Deccan for allowing only 15 kilos!!! Absolutely detest them... There is no way i can manage within that god forsaken limit!!! And I hate paying excess baggage... What the hell do I do??? Please don't say something like just don't take so much... U think i haven't already thought of that??? There is nothing i can not carry... Well, actually there is but i don't want to remove them... Why couldn't I have just taken everything last time???

This happens every time I pack... It's been 4 years tanvi... have you learnt nothing... nothing woman????

That's it... It's official... I'm an idiot... And I'm screwed...


Ms.Mephistopheles said...

U dint see it coming!?!?!
Scene 1 - July 2003 - OHMYGOD! i have to fit all my things into this room???

Scene 2 - July 2004 - This cupboard will NEVER be enough!!!

Scene 3 - July 2005 - I cant believe i collecetd so much stuff in JUST 3 years!!!

Love u u nutcase!!!
ur too funnny!!!

TanZ said...

hehe... quite a track record huh?!!?? Suffering from a serious case of the denials, it seems!!!

ChUcK said...

Smart people like me take the train [:D]

Mr. Yadav, unlike the Wadias and other assorted low-cost-airline owners, do not impose a weight limit.

Okay, the time factor is there... Oh well :|

thope said... happy dat im nt da only one commenting on dis blog anymore :D

yatrigan kripiya dhyan dijiye...apna saman apne pas hi rakhiye jeb katro aur choro se savdhan....dhanyavad!

thope said...

oh n btw....i like da blog ka naya avtar