Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

Flustered and overloaded, already!!!??!! :-)

It's been really hectic the past few days. A good friend fell terribly ill and we had to rush her to the hospital early in the morning. I was petrified! I guess one never realises how much they really care for a person till something like this happens. She is absolutely fine now, thank god! It was just that one bad night.

Adding to the fact that we have 7-8 hours of boring classes almost everyday are those god damn presentations we have to make. Sure, I've heard the "Might as well get used to it" crap but that doesn't make the process any less tedious! The good thing is that I'm getting to know some of my batch mates better but I think that's where the goodness ends. I think I am officially stressed out!!!!

I cannot complain about the 2-3 hrs of sleep every night thing coz' I've realised that I'm doing it voluntarily. I could decide to sleep a little earlier than 5, actually a lot earlier than 5 but I don't. Lots of reasons for that. Firstly, neend aati hi nahi. My sleep-cycle seems to have changed. That didn't take very long, did it? Secondly, I enjoy spending time with my new friends. I was wondering the other day how I feel so close to some of them after having known them for less than a month. I realised that we've all had a lot of time to spend together coz' of those 4-5 hrs we get from not sleeping. Plus, we're all living together... that helps a lot!

Oh, and we had a good day day before. Went Saree shopping, ate a good meal and saw ocean's 13. We were 36 MICAns there... nice! It was a little chaotic getting it organized, I'm sure. I had a tough enough time handing out the tickets so I can imagine! But it was fun.

Back to the grind. Yet another presentation to make. Hopefully the last for the next 2 weeks...

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