Friday, 8 June, 2007

TMM... whaaaaaa????

Oh my god!!! I have never felt so stupid in my life! We have just started this new course called theories in mass media and I have no friggin' clue abt wats happening man! And I thought i was well-read... haha... Obviously I'm nowhere close. MICA is shattering quite a few of my illusions, I must say! Anyway, so the instructor is throwing all these fancy-schmancy names at us and keeps using fundoo terms. Today he explicitly told one of us that we think too simply. I mean, hello!!! His inability to "come down" (The use of that term is highly suspect) to our level and teach us needs to be adressed. Why should we accept or agree with something he says just because he can rattle off the names of 5 more theories than we can??? Oh and to top it all off he calls MICA a 2nd grade b-school... Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! That just did it for me. I don't think he can do anything to redeem himself now. As soon as his class starts I'm probably going to switch off and play the dot game. The sad thing is that he seems like a really interesting person with pile-on experience but if he can't make us relate to him in any way then all that goes to a waste. But there is still hope... maybe he'll get better... or maybe I'll get a little more patient... :-)

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