Saturday, 9 June, 2007

Interesting day...

Okay, so TMM wasn't that bad today. Maybe coz' i bunked the first session??? He redeemed himself but still got a little too agitated wen anyone disagreed with him. I guess he isn't used to his views being questioned. Well, that is likely to change now!!!

Our presentations were due in biz comm today. We did a good job even though we couldn't complete our presentation coz' we ran out of time. Last night's hard work paid off! :-)

Another group showcasing talent at MICA showed a 30 second clipping of me doing a monologue from the last play that i performed. I am thoroughly embarrassed!!! It's the first time I have seen myself perform- it's really funny... god knows what those DU judges were thinking!!!

I got yelled at today. I am super pissed about that. I don't think I deserved that at all but I better not start to question authority so early. I might as well save it for when it really matters and not for times like this when my ego takes a battering. But still, it was wrong!!!!!!!

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Yo-Yo said...

You were fantastic in that clip!!! You should've done a comedy scene too!! :) And for TMM, the less said the better...silence would probably be the most effective to shut that man up!!